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2012-03-13 11:50 am

Newsvine: The Two Skillful Brothers Scott: TV's 'Property Brothers' Finding & Building Dream Homes

Good character is not given to us nor is it handed down. Like building a home, it must be carefully developed piece by piece, creatively through thought, choice, courage and determination. In some cases, it could very well be praised more so than talent and with that inner drive, one can go much further.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, 33 are not just the hosts of the popular real estate and home renovation show, Property Brothers on the W Network and HGTV but they are also twin brothers with a tremendous amount of passion and heart. Recently nominated for the prestigious Rose d’Or award in the lifestyle show category, the brothers are fast becoming TV’s newest sweethearts.

The show follows Drew, the licensed real estate agent and Jonathan, the licensed contractor to find fixer-uppers for homebuyers to turn into beautiful homes without busting their budget but undergoing a major transformation just enough to make it beautiful yet practical. Together they help out families while maintaining a strong heart throughout the process. It’s not easy but the two make it as comfortable for their clients as possible.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the charming brothers one evening last week while they took a break from filming multiple episodes of their show down in Austin, Texas. 
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2012-02-01 06:05 pm

Newsvine: Touchdown! Indianapolis Welcomes Super Bowl XLVI

Touchdown! Indianapolis Welcomes Super Bowl XLVI

Excitement and fun are crawling around Indianapolis this week as the Circle City prepares to host thousands in anticipation for America’s favourite informal holiday, the Super Bowl. Taking place this Sunday February 5th, the championship game this year sees AFC and NFC title holders, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants battling it out again after four years of what some may consider the best finish in Super Bowl history, given the fact that neither team this time around has perfect records on the line. This matchup is bound to be tight and quite thrilling!

I'm not ashamed to say this but I will mention that I am an Indianapolis Colts fan. Yes, I bleed blue and after the crummy season we had, it's not surprising to see some of us fell off the bandwagon but we did have two wins near the end so that’s alright with me. As a fan not just of the team but of the great state of Indiana, I am especially proud that the city gets to showcase itself and all that it’s about to a new audience that’s willing to take in and adore a city that isn’t just gorgeous architecturally, culturally and for reasons of sport but has a tremendous heart. I guess there's redemption in there for the Colts and us fans; a renewal of fan-ship in some sense because call it what you will -- perhaps it's Hoosier hospitality, but these fine folks know how to throw a party and the days leading up to the Super Bowl are clearly proving it.

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2011-11-16 03:12 pm

newsvine - everybody poops: talking crap for world toilet day

We all poo! Yup. It may sound funny to say out loud and even read back, but we all do it. The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models are not exempt from this either, nor are any of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive – we’re talking to you, George Clooney! This is a reality and though it is one of the most taboo topics of discussion, it is also one of the most important ones to have in order to raise a global awareness.

No invention has saved more lives than the toilet. Since its creation, the toilet has brought great benefits to better sanitation, health and hygiene but every day, 2.6 billion suffer from improper access to clean sanitation. That means, a third of the world’s population do not have somewhere safe, private and hygienic to go to the toilet. Can you imagine going to the toilet in a muddy ditch? Or defecating in rivers, lakes, fields or railway tracks? That is the reality for many around the world and fact is, more people today have a cell phone than a toilet. If that isn’t reason enough to bring massive awareness to such an issue what is?

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2011-11-16 03:08 pm

newsvine - age shouldn't matter unless you're cheese

Age Shouldn't Matter Unless You're Cheese

What is it about aging that scares some of us? Is it the influx of age defying facial lotions advertised between sitcoms like Cougartown or the commercials of a dapper silver-haired fox driving through the desert in a truck for Viagra? Whatever the case, age isn’t something society is accustomed to embracing in a positive and quite frankly, age shouldn’t matter unless you’re cheese. If you are cheese, well that’s a pity because in most cases, you would smell like feet.

I had the honour of interviewing one of my favourite actors a few years ago and we stumbled upon the discussion of aging in the industry quite briefly. He told me that disclosing his age factors into some of the roles he wants and it does make sense, sadly. I think it has for many decades. Look at Hitchcock’s Vertigo for example with a then 25 year-old Kim Novak lip locking with a nearly double her age, Jimmy Stewart or The Misfits starring a 60 year-old Clark Gable with a 35 year-old Marilyn Monroe. Sure, it was downright hot but there were plenty of other actresses with sex appeal and talent who could have played those roles and been older. The thing is, young is sexy in some twisted way and cinema has shown that spectrum throughout the years.

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2011-10-03 02:45 pm

Newsvine - Isha Sharma: Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Isha Sharma: Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Photography isn’t just the art of observation. It’s a way of touching, feeling and loving in some form while finding fascinating things in an ordinary situation. Full awareness of what makes a good photograph is essential to the process because what you have caught on film is captured forever and leaves quite the impression of a voice unspoken. One photographer who is making waves through her unique style is Isha Sharma of Isha Sharma Photography.

Growing up in India and later moving to Canada, 24 year-old Sharma developed her love for photography after her father gifted her with a Polaroid i-Zone Instant Sticker camera at the age of 13. It was then that the young girl got into experimental photography, diving deep into a world of not just film reel but emotion and a way of capturing beauty found in an inimitable eye.

“I soon realized that I didn’t just want to take pictures of my friends and family and stick them on my locker,” she smiles. “I started experimenting with it and started taking more artistic pictures and realized how much I loved it.”

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2011-03-23 11:50 pm

newsvine - Elizabeth Taylor: "I've been through it all, baby. I'm mother courage."

Some of you may notice that I'm a huge golden era film fan. I love old films and my mentality is, films are never really old even if they're black and white. A film is new from any era depending on if you've seen it or not. I'm sure you all know by now but Elizabeth Taylor, one of the world's most notable movie stars has passed away. My first thought when it happened was to literally hug our darling [livejournal.com profile] darlingdivine because I know how much the Dame means to her. I was a wreck today and very emotional. I couldn't really fathom it and like I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] starafar about it, but if you've grown up on these evergreen films and these actors who were from another time, you kind of expect them to always be around. You know? I mean, sure we don't know these actors personally but we let them into our lives, our homes and take comfort in their art when we're down and need a good cheer up. They become a part of us the same way, music does for a lot of us.

I had no other way to vent today. I had this terrible emotional lump in my throat and had it throughout writing my latest piece on Elizabeth Taylor. I still sort of do while writing this and I don't know why I get so emotional but it's heartbreaking when someone passes, especially someone who means something to your existence and has been there, you know?

Elizabeth Taylor: "I've been through it all, baby. I'm mother courage."

What is it about film that captures our attention so well? Some may say it's the story and how we best relate to it but most times, it's the performances played by actors who we are enamoured by; who we choose to relate to in some sense of the characters they portray because deep down, they're just like us. This morning I learned Elizabeth Taylor passed away and my heart sunk. Of course, death is inevitable and inescapable but watching someone throughout your years through a television screen and finding them to be of comfort to you, that's hard to part from. Speaking to a friend earlier today, we came to the agreeable notion that these people -- these actors, we sort of expect them to be around forever. Perhaps it's because my generation grew up watching black and white films and anything from that golden era but it just feels weird with them not being around any longer. I remember I first experienced the pinch of an actor that I admired passing away when I was twelve years-old: James Stewart. I had been watching It's A Wonderful Life since I was around eight or nine years-old and in some mentality of sorts, I always thought of him to be evergreen and always around.

Today was no different. My heart grew heavy at the news of Taylor's passing. In my twenty-five years of existence, I have watched a ton of movies and always found an appreciation for film whether it be in colour or black and white. I often tell one of my best friends that film isn't old if you haven't seen it and try my best to encourage him to watch the Turner Classic Movies channel. I might be annoying in my feat to convert couch potatoes to TCM watchers but at least I'm persistent.

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2011-03-22 09:37 am

newsvine - world water day 2011

Today is World Water Day! Celebrate by bringing awareness and donating your voice. Read my article for further details on how you can make a difference! :D

World Water Day 2011

Water is more than just two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. It’s the unappreciated ingredient to our life’s very being. Water is the lifeblood of our bodies, our economy, our nation and our well-being. Without it, survival would be a challenge but in an age where we’ve forgotten our origins and have become blind to our needs and satisfying only our wants, water is one of the natural resources that has suffered heavily from our disregard.

Each day, more than a billion people don’t have access to clean water and more than two billion don’t have access to adequate sanitation facilities. It’s a shame as the world’s population expands, those numbers are also growing. The quality of water in the world doesn’t solely influence and shape human poverty, wealth and education but it is an important issue that creates ripples on all aspects of our ecosystem, economic activities and our overall well-being. It is a key role in survival and if we as a world can’t see the major concern for clean water and sanitation now, regret will be on the horizon.

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2011-03-17 12:30 pm

newsvine: World Water Day Profiles: founders Gary White and Matt Damon of Water.org

Water has always been an important cause to me. I feel like personally, it's something we can all agree on without politics getting in the way or being diplomatic and politically correct. In honour of World Water Week, I present to you two profiles on the co-founders of Water.org:

World Water Day Profile: Co-Founder, Gary White of Water.org

Water is the hub of life and often, with the way life is demanding of our lifestyles, we take it for granted. We forget that the water cycle is also the life cycle and because of the devastating amount of countries struggling without clean water today, thousands of families are torn apart as the repercussions of unclean water bring about unpreventable diseases and often, death. It is known that every fifteen seconds a child dies from a waterborne disease. It's been noted that nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and someone who has seen the affects of the water crisis firsthand is Gary White, co-founder of Water.org. White’s become a leader in his own right, involving himself in a dynamic and remarkable vision for changing the world.

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Matt Damon has always been a personal hero of mine in terms of writing and when I learned he was involved with White's organization back in 2009, I was further enamoured by him and his efforts to make a difference.

World Water Day Profile: Co-Founder, Matt Damon of Water.org

The quality of water and the quality of life, in all its infinite forms are critical parts of the overall ongoing health of our planet, our future and most importantly, ourselves. Water is vital to our existence and considering how life has progressed, it’s become an essential need that man has now often overlooked. We will never know the full worth of water until the well is dry and in some developing countries, growing up without water is a norm. There are nearly one billion people in this world who lack access to clean drinking water and it’s a heartbreaking truth that every fifteen seconds a child under the age of five dies from a waterborne disease. Someone who’s adamant on making sure clean water becomes a necessity in every country is one of the founders of Water.org, Matt Damon.

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2011-03-09 02:58 pm

newsvine - movie review: the adjustment bureau

Love. What is it? Most times it's made up of coincedences which intertwine with chance and fate and can be tormentful as time passes but true love? True love stories never have endings. They start, each day you're with the other; love stays fresh and true when you're with the one that matters most to you. Afterall, love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles and leaps fences, can penetrate walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. Love is about the battle.

Check out my latest review on a film, I highly recommend: The Adjustment Bureau...

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

It is said that each man is the architect of his own fate as he dreams of his destiny, without fear and yearns to make it a reality for when the time is right. However, we are guided through life with the notion that we have our own decisions to make, tinkering with the thought of choices and freewill. But is freewill a misconception? Is our fate already predetermined?

George Nolfi’s directorial debut The Adjustment Bureau dabbles with the concept that there is only an appearance of freewill and that all of life’s major choices are predetermined by a higher authority and the path they’ve chosen for us. Nolfi, who also wrote the screenplay loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s short story, “The Adjustment Team”, dives deep into the age old debate of freewill vs. fate with a fresh spin on the philosophies of life and theology, with regards to fate, destiny, chance and the greater picture of our very being.

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2011-03-03 09:46 pm

newsvine - don't you forget about david cook: american idol season 10 farewell song revealed

I'm sure the lot of you have flailed today, lost your ovaries, screamed to the top of your lungs in excitement and like me, burned down a building and walked away only to hope freeze frame applies in real life and give the best goshdang fist pump in the world!

David Cook is back friends. He's back and better than ever. I was texting with Em aka [livejournal.com profile] storminmay earlier today and we both mutually love the flailing and the honest fact that his music has the power to bring all of us together and create this bond. It's adorable. I love it! I had the chance today without even realizing it to write a little something over at my Newsvine column. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think of the Simple Minds' cover David's created.

Don't You Forget About David Cook: American Idol Season 10 Farewell Song Revealed

During the week of March 8 on American Idol, David Cook, the winner of the popular reality competition’s seventh season returns with a musical treat. His latest song, a cover of the 1985 hit by Simple Minds, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” will make its debut next week as this year’s send-off track for the departing contestants of the show’s tenth season.

This is a big surprise for all of his fans as they’ve waited eagerly for new music from the multi-platinum seller since his successful self-titled debut album back in 2008, selling more than 1.4 million copies along with his American Idol coronation single, “The Time of my Life” becoming the highest-selling in the show’s history.

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2011-02-06 09:17 pm

Writer's Block: Super Bowl XLV

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Yes. I am watching the Superbowl this year despite my Indianapolis Colts not making it into the finals. Boo! But, I wish both teams luck as they are respectfully amazing in their own right. I am celebrating by watching the game with my sister and some chicken wings and whatever other snack food is appropriate!

Also, for those that aren't watching the Superbowl, might I interest you in reading my Newsvine piece, "And It's A Touchdown!: Ten of the Best Football Movies"? It ranges from films in the 1920s all the way to present day. Be sure to read it and let me know what are some of your personal favourites!

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2011-02-06 09:04 pm

newsvine - And It's A Touchdown!: Ten of the Best Football Movies

I haven't been here for a while and gosh dang, I miss it. I've been having a bit of a pre-mid-life career crisis but it's okay. It's nothing I can't handle. Well, nothing a bucket of chicken wings can't handle either, eh? Mmm, love them wings, yo! I'm also working on a new project and I'll dish the deets later. In the meantime, in honour of the Superbowl (too bad my Colts aren't in it! *whomp whomp*) check out my newly  published piece on ten of the best football movies, in my opinion, of course:

And It's A Touchdown!: Ten Of The Best Football Movies


Superbowl Sunday is upon us and if you’re like me, the stakes are not too high tonight seeing as my team didn’t make it into the Superbowl this year but nevertheless, I still wear my Indianapolis Colts jersey with dignity and fragrance of chicken wings. Apparently the BBQ smell is hard to come out of clothes – who’d have thought?

Now, you might just enjoy football and all that it encompasses like me and enjoy watching some solid gridiron action or you might not. A few of my friends don’t understand the sport and at times find it nothing short of “boring”. Most times when I hear them utter such words, it’s almost blasphemy to me. Sports are sports; they’re meant to define and challenge organized competitions, embrace human contact and come together for a common goal with a tremendous heart. There is a beauty within any game in any sport and football has this sort of, “je ne sais quoi” regarding its attraction. However, not everyone needs to watch the Superbowl to see or understand football for more than its face value. Perhaps you’d prefer the more handsome, refined action from the green field with a heart-warming plot and a few laughs?

Instead of watching the Green Bay Packers fight it out with the Pittsburgh Steelers, tonight you might want to sit back and relax and watch a good old American film while still being in some sort of football mode.

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I really like the mix of movies I added in there: from the 1920s all the way to present day! Be sure to read on to see what made the list and let me know what some of your favourite football movies are too!
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2010-12-20 06:22 pm

newsvine - the art of acting with rebecca kopec

This interview has been in the works for quite some time and I'm really glad Becca ([livejournal.com profile] superbacca) and I got down to it and did it. Do check it out! I think she's just amazing and so sweet; definitely a face you will be seeing more of in the future!

The Art of Acting with Rebecca Kopec

What is an actor? It’s a simple definition and very easily, one you can find in the dictionary but there’s a history behind it. It isn’t just a word to an actor. It’s an art form, rather a way of perceiving and articulating words found on paper to liberate the delicate emotions made up of raw passion and a brazen honesty within themselves. And all in order to make up for good storytelling.

One actor in particular with a great passion for the art of acting is, Rebecca Kopec. Hailing from a small family in New York, has a grounded attitude and a solid head on her shoulders. She’s a bubbly, no-nonsense, quick talking young woman and in the time we spoke, it’s evident that she’s a firm believer of working hard and waiting for her spotlight.

This month, Kopec can be seen in the cabaret production of My Story directed by Andrew Overcash, with all proceeds from the show going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She’s amongst five other talented actors who are working hard to bring this production to life.

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2010-12-17 12:28 am

newsvine - Andrew Overcash: Paying it forward with "My Story"

I came upon Andrew Overcash through a good friend of mine. I was originally going to interview just Rebecca aka [livejournal.com profile] superbacca for her cabaret show, "My Story" but I decided to get some quotes from her director, Andrew. In addition to getting a quote from him, I wanted to dive further into the show that he so passionately put together and learn about his creativity process and his background. His story struck a chord with me and I figured, I need to write two pieces so nothing is taken away from the other. Last week if you had asked me, what I have planned this week in writing? I would never have guessed I'd write two pieces.

I will say that Andrew is one solid guy. He's very sweet and has a big heart and I hope if anyone is in the Manhattan area on December 22, to definitely check out "My Story".

In the meantime, check out "My Article"! Heh! :)

See what I did there folks? Hahahahauhhhh. :\

PS: I'm really proud of this article. I can't believe how great it turned out in such a short amount of time. Didn't think I had it in me! :)

Andrew Overcash - Paying it forward with "My Story"

There are very few directors in the industry who realize their true motives to direct and envision. Directing is an art that needs to feed from a feeling and articulate a particular emotion filled with passion and a desire; a compassion for the canvas of life. Andrew Overcash is one of those directors who understands the need to deliver and give back.

Overcash put his current show together for one reason: his brother.

“My brother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in eighth grade and after a four year battle with ups and downs, he did pass. During that time, St. Jude did so much for my family and my brother and even after his passing, they continued to stay in contact with us and be true blessings. My brother, even after finding out he was going to pass, always cared for others and never made anyone feel sorry for him so, from his constant caring for others and the amazing love my family received from St. Jude, I decided it was time to give back,” he says.

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My second piece, which is on Rebecca will be out in a few days!

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2010-11-23 04:44 pm

newsvine - stacey vuduris: designing woman

This was an interesting and fun article to write! Also, it was something out of my comfort zone as I've never written about interior designing (I have no clue of that whole dimension) and the whole home decor angle; it was good to try something new and at the same time, get to know a really lovely and warm woman who has such a great raw passion for her work. It is inspiring and she's just such a delight to talk to. She's very fun, down to earth and a great sense of humour. I present to you, my latest article:

Stacey Vuduris: Designing Woman

Creativity isn’t just about creating but is rather the art of articulating a concept where your imagination peaks over the edge of an idea. Stacey Vuduris’ creativity sparks from self-trust. The key to designing and being bold in your work is to trust your instincts. Her instincts are sharp and inspiring and create way for a new path on the road to interior designing.

Stacey Vuduris is the mastermind behind Stacey Vuduris Interior Design, a company that from its inception in 2006 has brought forth confident and daring plans for those interested in designing or refurbishing their homes.

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2010-11-12 03:22 pm

newsvine - flight of the pompadour: the return of conan o'brien

I haven't published an article in months and believe it or not, this article was really hard to write. Sigh. I just found it all so foreign all of a sudden when writing. I literally stared at the blank screen for half an hour before diving into the first paragraph and I think I did an alright job with it. I don't think it was as good as my other Conan article but eh. Check it out and if you like it, be sure to click the little Facebook LIKE button on it because it's nice to know that it's...liked, lol.

Flight of the Pompadour: The Return of Conan O'Brien

When in times of hopelessness, we feel like there’s nothing to look forward to; the days get longer and the whole world feels dark and dreary while storm clouds gather over our head as it rains and we realize, we’ve forgotten our umbrellas as we drag our feet along, holding onto the notion that times can be good again and hope can be restored and that people won’t drive too fast and splash us with gutter water.

For months on end, Conan O’Brien fans fell into a dark spot, missing their beloved “Coco” and wondering what the orange-haired, milk white glistening skinned comedian would have in store for us next.

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2010-05-03 03:10 pm

newsvine - capturing the world, one frame at a time

I finally finished it and was way too eager to wait for a Wednesday publication so I decided, I'll do it now. So check out my latest article on Brooke White's latest project with Summer Bellessa of Eliza magazine called The Girls with Glasses Show! The cool thing now about Newsvine is that they've got a Facebook LIKE button so if you like it, you just gotta click the little button! :)


Capturing the World, One Frame at a Time

The late, great Jackie Kennedy once said, "I am a woman above everything else," and even after all these years, such words hold a great practicality and tenacity. With all that we do in life, who we become, we're women (well, some of us) -- first and foremost. We strive to live up to our potential and we're curious and hold onto the notion that all can be good in the world while hoping to make a difference. We cherish the gift of womanhood and from that, look within ourselves to see how far we can push the boundaries of what we know and strengthen our hearts and minds with life and the world and the people around us.

The two women from The Girls with Glasses Show are proving this with their smart talk show that aims to bring together not just intelligent insight but hilarity, discussions on fashion and entertainment, art and music and do it all in a trendy and chic way all while wearing glasses.

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2010-04-07 05:25 pm

newsvine - david cook gives back

I love children and you all know that. I feel like, we owe them a push for a better life no matter where they live and what their economic status is. They are the future and it's our job to guide them. I've always wanted to be that person who can help out and then just, hug them and make them feel like work is being done to help them, you know? Like, I've dreamed of going over to Africa and lending a hand because it's necessary. Sure, there's debate that "fix what's in your own backyard first" but if we all thought about ourselves and not about others, not only would we have no friends but we'd lose that bit of humanity and love for another.

David Cook is one of my heroes. He works hard and his recent visit to Ethiopia for Idol Gives Back gave me reason to dive deeper into the education system in Ethiopia and discuss what's at hand with the girls and their lack of schooling and the UN Foundation making the most of what they can. I wrote an article and hope you all check it out...

David Cook Gives Back

It was Nelson Mandela who once said about education that it is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world and from what life has taught us, it’s rather true. Education is a process to living and learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Its aim should be to teach us rather how to think, than being told what to think and in toe, improve our minds as to enabling us to think for ourselves. It is a mandatory part of our civilization and a major part of education is encouragement.

Somebody who understands the value of education is season seven winner of American Idol, David Cook. Cook, whose interest in music began at a young age was singing in the second grade and was encouraged further by his music teacher, Ms. Gentry to carry on singing. She saw such potential in the young Cook and gave him a solo part in the school’s Christmas pageant. It was from that moment on – just a sheer push, that Cook realized his dreams of pursuing a career in singing. After winning the title of American Idol in May of 2008, Cook has gone on to selling more than 1.5 million records in the United States, giving him Platinum status.

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2010-03-22 06:37 pm

newsvine - World Water Week is underway

Water is such an important necessity and I feel, working for clean water is something we all should support because there's no sides in such a thing. I've always been a supporter of the Water.org foundation and I feel like, I had to do something and this week is World Water Week and I figured, I'd lend my voice, not just via Twitter but through my writing and pass on the good word of how this organization is working towards water sanitation and bringing about change in several countries.

Some of you may have noticed on Twitter, that my profile pic is tinted blue. It is due to the fact that I am showing my support and am lending my voice to this cause. More information regarding how to go about that is at my article.

World Water Week is underway

It has become a sad truth that water, one of the most essential ingredients to our life has evolved into one of the most basic needs that man has taken for granted. Man has become so blind in his quest for survival and power that water, along with other resources has now become a victim of his apathy.

With several countries struggling without clean water, thousands of children throughout the world succumb each day to entirely preventable diseases and illnesses. This week, marks World Water Week where the profile of water quality is raised by encouraging governments, organizations, communities and individuals around the world to whole-heartedly engage in proactively addressing the depleting water quality around the world in hopes of tackling pollution prevention, clean up and restoration.

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2010-03-21 09:02 pm

newsvine - a tale of two systems

Sigh. I finished! I finally finished my health care article and gah! I am exhausted. I had to release it today on short notice because I realized, if I publish it tomorrow, the topic is obsolete; my angle and argument wouldn't mean the same thing but what I did was I re-worked it the angle and I'm really happy with it and what I wanted to say most about health care, without being completely biased and yeah. Phew! I am tired!

I do want to thank my friends here who believed that I could write this article and it was a very hard article to write but I managed to the best of my ability. Like, I said before it was definitely out of my comfort zone and I hope I articulated my thoughts and feelings regarding this matter to the best of my ability.

Special thanks to Elizabeth aka [livejournal.com profile] vintagevixen for getting me some info which helped me elaborate my thoughts further. Thanks babe! ;)

Without further adieu, I present you my very first non-entertainment/pop culture article! SHOCKER!! Tomorrow, I will be writing another article on very important cause that is near and dear to my heart. It's a cause that everyone is on the same page with. You've probably seen me tweeting about it for the last couple of days so perhaps, some of you have an inkling.

Oh! The funniest thing -- I wrote this article while still battling a sore throat. How ironic of me. Alas, the life of a writer...

A Tale of Two Systems

Last summer was quite the time of my life and I don’t mean that in a positive aspect. I have never experienced anything like last summer. It was an emotionally and physically draining period my family and I went through and I learned not just a lot about myself but about life on a grand scale. I once told a dear friend of mine that life’s challenges were not meant to paralyze us but rather push us in the direction of discovering who we are and what we stand for.

I believe standing up for proper and efficient health care should be a top priority.

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