23 March 2011 @ 11:50 pm
newsvine - Elizabeth Taylor: "I've been through it all, baby. I'm mother courage."  
Some of you may notice that I'm a huge golden era film fan. I love old films and my mentality is, films are never really old even if they're black and white. A film is new from any era depending on if you've seen it or not. I'm sure you all know by now but Elizabeth Taylor, one of the world's most notable movie stars has passed away. My first thought when it happened was to literally hug our darling [livejournal.com profile] darlingdivine because I know how much the Dame means to her. I was a wreck today and very emotional. I couldn't really fathom it and like I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] starafar about it, but if you've grown up on these evergreen films and these actors who were from another time, you kind of expect them to always be around. You know? I mean, sure we don't know these actors personally but we let them into our lives, our homes and take comfort in their art when we're down and need a good cheer up. They become a part of us the same way, music does for a lot of us.

I had no other way to vent today. I had this terrible emotional lump in my throat and had it throughout writing my latest piece on Elizabeth Taylor. I still sort of do while writing this and I don't know why I get so emotional but it's heartbreaking when someone passes, especially someone who means something to your existence and has been there, you know?

Elizabeth Taylor: "I've been through it all, baby. I'm mother courage."

What is it about film that captures our attention so well? Some may say it's the story and how we best relate to it but most times, it's the performances played by actors who we are enamoured by; who we choose to relate to in some sense of the characters they portray because deep down, they're just like us. This morning I learned Elizabeth Taylor passed away and my heart sunk. Of course, death is inevitable and inescapable but watching someone throughout your years through a television screen and finding them to be of comfort to you, that's hard to part from. Speaking to a friend earlier today, we came to the agreeable notion that these people -- these actors, we sort of expect them to be around forever. Perhaps it's because my generation grew up watching black and white films and anything from that golden era but it just feels weird with them not being around any longer. I remember I first experienced the pinch of an actor that I admired passing away when I was twelve years-old: James Stewart. I had been watching It's A Wonderful Life since I was around eight or nine years-old and in some mentality of sorts, I always thought of him to be evergreen and always around.

Today was no different. My heart grew heavy at the news of Taylor's passing. In my twenty-five years of existence, I have watched a ton of movies and always found an appreciation for film whether it be in colour or black and white. I often tell one of my best friends that film isn't old if you haven't seen it and try my best to encourage him to watch the Turner Classic Movies channel. I might be annoying in my feat to convert couch potatoes to TCM watchers but at least I'm persistent.

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