01 January 2020 @ 11:59 am
why can't we be friends?  
I've decided after a lot of thinking that I'm going to make some of my journals "friends only". So, if you'd like to be my friend, comment in this journal entry (comments are screened) and we can talk. Check out my profile for more information about me.

Wanna be friends? Hollaback y'all! Comment here and I'll add you! :)

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17 October 2010 @ 03:20 pm
thinking of futures  

On Friday night, I fell in love.

All over again and it was magical.

I love Smallville -- have since the show started back in 2001 and this past Friday's episode gave me reason to love it more. There have been a few weak seasons and some redundant writing and terrible storylines that don't pertain to anything from the comicbook (yes, I'm a geek that way too) but the 200th episode that aired, was just amazing. For those of you who aren't fans, I'd still really love for you to check out this scene below because it is by far one of my favourites ever now, hands-down. It's brilliantly directed and it's charming; the actors who play Lois and Clark have amazing chemistry. You see, the beauty of Lois and Clark is that even though they aren't real, they are intelligent and smartly crafted characters that do exist in real life -- they can exist. That love and affection; that immense care and adoration...it's real. Call me a romantic sap but, being with the one person who gets you, connects with you -- loves you? That's it. That takes the cake and you wouldn't need anything else because you'd be happy. No more searching. Heck, the United States Declaration of Independence even states, citizens are entitled to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"; it's a natural right. If you keep searching once you have it all, it means you're not happy and it boils down to you at the end of it. Aristotle said "happiness depends upon ourselves" and I couldn't agree more. Only we truly know what makes us happy at the end of the day and we're the sole providers of it...

Now, you see, at this stage in Smallville, Lois and Clark are friends -- not really, dating but they have an underlying appreciation and love for one another. Lois thinks Clark still loves Lana (and it hurts her) as he has a hard time letting go of the past but that's it. Lana is a part of his past; they have incredible memories together but that's that. Memories are just memories. You build upon them to build who you want to be and create that defining character of who you are. There's another great scene where Clark has to let go and the only way to do it, is to move forward and pay a visit to his father's grave. It's a really tender scene and it's hard letting go. I mean, I hate letting go but you can't go ahead in life if you keep looking back. You're going to trip.

The scene above is gorgeous. I tear up at how lovingly charming it is and enchanting; never seen anything like it. They don't kiss but you can see there's more to it than just a physical affection; there's a definite spark and that's just -- sigh, romantic! Also, Clark can't fly as yet in the show but it's cute to see that Lois, his one true love inspires him to be the man he chooses to be after struggling with who he needs to be.

Also! Because of this episode, I updated my journal...rather, redecorated a bit -- got a new banner (sorry Jimmy my old man!), got a new Friends Only banner (hello again Jimmy my old man!) and lost a piece of my soul because I had to delete an icon. I hate icon space. Don't these bastards know you can't define such heavy intense emotions in such limited spaces of just 15 icons? Blasphemy. But check out my page huh? Let me know what you think of the redecorating and such. It's not a big change. Like, this icon I got is the new one. Got rid of my Inception one which was...gosh, it was so hard guys. ;___;

Yes! Just realized football's tonight! \o/

PS: The song in the scene is by Kim Taylor and is called, "Baby, I Need You".

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