16 November 2011 @ 03:12 pm
newsvine - everybody poops: talking crap for world toilet day  

We all poo! Yup. It may sound funny to say out loud and even read back, but we all do it. The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models are not exempt from this either, nor are any of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive – we’re talking to you, George Clooney! This is a reality and though it is one of the most taboo topics of discussion, it is also one of the most important ones to have in order to raise a global awareness.

No invention has saved more lives than the toilet. Since its creation, the toilet has brought great benefits to better sanitation, health and hygiene but every day, 2.6 billion suffer from improper access to clean sanitation. That means, a third of the world’s population do not have somewhere safe, private and hygienic to go to the toilet. Can you imagine going to the toilet in a muddy ditch? Or defecating in rivers, lakes, fields or railway tracks? That is the reality for many around the world and fact is, more people today have a cell phone than a toilet. If that isn’t reason enough to bring massive awareness to such an issue what is?

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21 December 2008 @ 02:12 am
Well? How Do I Look?  

I got a new layout for my Livejournal care of [livejournal.com profile] milou_veronica  and I think it looks really good. I tweaked it a bit but I kept it pretty much the same. If anyone wants new layouts, you gotta go check out her stuff. It's really cool!

I made a new header (feat. Mavid & Georgie) while I was listening to a lot of Michael Johns and it took me a while to make, especially the black and white picture of George. I coloured in the background and that was tough but I think I did a pretty good job with it. And I got a quote from American writer, Gloria Steinam that is most suitable for me and my current status. Also, I added an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote under my LJ header ("draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story") 'cause it just makes sense.

I also changed up my user profile layout and am way more happier with the way it looks now. So much more neater than before. I got that care of [info]gossymer at [info]noveltybox so go check that out too if you're in need of some major glamourizing! I added Coldplay lyrics too as the headers for the profile categories. Thought it was cool...

 Nothing much more.

Carry on looking through your Friends list. Toodles...

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13 November 2008 @ 05:47 pm
Twilight, Obama, David Cook and Another Round of Moustache Watch '08  
This coming Saturday, the cast of Twilight will be dropping by the Muchmusic studios and though I don't think I'm going to make an appearance to greet my favourite vampire in my lovely city, I'm really excited to see Edward and Bella on my telly! I'm still reading "New Moon" much to Susanna ([livejournal.com profile] buzzs_gf)'s chagrin and I can't help it - Jacob is annoying. The dude comes off too needy and it seems like he doesn't understand Bella when she says basically to "let's just be friends"...

Geez...dude. Get a life. You come off way too much like the anchorman's daughter who wouldn't give up on my Millhouse.

I got my hands on the epic issue of People magazine this past Tuesday and well, here it is: beautiful ain't it? I'm glad to say that change is and will always be a beautiful thing.

What I really like about Obama is that not only does he stand for change in a world that needs every ounce of help it can get and is a graet linguist but I really think he's going to do some good for everyone. No matter where you are, his decisions are going to make a difference in the world. And I may be talking too soon but I'm eager to know what his plans are to help out with Darfur. I've done a lot of research on the region of Chad and Darfur for my second manuscript and I really think it needs saving. There are generations of people being wiped out and it's not something we as the human race should stand for.

Speaking of Darfur, George Clooney gave an interview to L'Uomo Vogue and speaks greatly of change for the people of Sudan and that can be read here at ClooneyUnlimited.

And now, time for another round of Moustache Watch '08. First I must add, that Georgie needs a razor badly. I've seriously had enough of this! I love the man but this is enough. It's too Clark Gable-ish and I have nothing against the Gable but this is George effing Clooney we're taking about. Right?

Moustache Watch '08 (at Dan Tanas in LA) )

So I'm listening to David's album and it's really fantastic. I told Elizabeth ([info]vintagevixen) that this is going to be a record that stands the test of time and like David mentioned in an earlier interview, he wanted his album to be like a Joshua Tree type record. Well, I think he's achieved that in some sense. It doesn't sound at all like U2's record but in terms of resonating with the audience and showcasing his chops and being something that people will want to listen to even when David's onto the fourth album, I think he's done that seven year old justice. The same seven year old who played on his toy guitar. And I'm really happy for that. For all his fans to say how great they think the record is so far and how much the tunes mean to them. That's an amazing achievement. I'm really proud of him and there are songs on this album that not only I really love and adore but one in particular that I resonate with.

Permanent is a song that makes me cry and though I hate to admit I cry over a song 'cause I've never cried over any song, it's lyrics are especially touching and strike a chord with me. I'm not going to get into it way too much because...I just don't want to but it makes me think that when David sings Permanent, it's sort of an anthem for people who have been in my shoes. People who have watched their loved ones suffer and felt hopeless. It's a personal track and I'm actually quite thankful for it. Its like a cleanser for the damaged soul.

We can all overcome. It just takes time.

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23 October 2008 @ 07:35 pm
Third Time's A Bitch...  
I'm not a bad person. I know I'm not. I just don't like Krista Allen. I've never liked her. Even before I knew she was dating my George Clooney. And apparently, the two of them are at it again. Why? Why does he have to date a former porn star?I don't hate her 'cause she use to get naked for money. I just don't like what she stands for and the way she talks and basically, how she acts. She's an awful actress. 

It's just not fair. Not one bit. Okay, so let me clear the air by saying that I don't hate her. At all. Hate's a strong word. I don't know her well enough to hate her. I just don't like her. A lot. And yes. I manipulated the photo. I took the time out of my life to spoil the perfectly nice photo of someone I don't like. But I didn't spoil the picture completely...she still looks a little human...a little...plus it looks funny.


Don't worry, George Clooney is still getting laid. The 47-year-old has returned for a heaping helping of thirds from 37-year-old actress Krista Allen (pictured). "She admits she just can't get over him," a friend tells the New York Daily News. "George really loves her."

George dated Krista, the star of Final Destination 4 and the cancelled-too-young sitcom Freddie, when he was directing her in 2002's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. They were together for two years before Krista blew minds by dumping George in 2004. They temporarily rekindled their romance in 2006, but like the Littlest Hobo, George doesn't stay with one family for long. Krista is the first woman George has been linked to since he dumped Sarah Larson last May.

Sigh. If George really loves her like "reports" are stating, then fine. Go ahead. But then he should marry her. Maybe then she'll get the respect she rightfully deserves in that retarded baby voice of hers. One of the things that bugs the shitties out of me is that she talks in that ridiculous baby voice. I hate when girls do that. Seriously, it's dumb. Grow a pair!!

I'm not mad. I'm not mad at all. I'm just venting...

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22 October 2008 @ 07:12 am
Another Edition of Moustache Watch '08 & Soup's On, Biotch...  
I have some exciting news (according to my world!). I finally got my blasted braces off and now I can look like a normal 23-year-old as opposed to a 23-year-old who had to constantly show ID and come off like a teenager. It's all very cool! It felt so weird the moment they took them off and I actually had no clue they were going to do it yesterday. The only bummer is (a) I have a top and bottom bonded retainer and (2) I have a stupid lip blister on my upper lip and got that the night I went to the dentist for scaling. Blimey blisters! It really sucks because when the Ortho took my pictures yesterday to put up on the wall of fame (in some world), my blister was showing really big and red. I've never had lip blisters before in my whole life and for me to see this ugly bump on my lips, is pretty gross let alone I have thin lips...

I've got an Angelina Jolie thing going on on my  upper lip and it's odd. If only I had a Brad Pitt to my lip...

But I'm happy! I got my braces off and the best part is that I don't have to put my finger in my mouth to get the excess food out trapped underneath my brackets and can now eat peacefully! Yes. That was a gross habit of mine. It use to make my sister gag.

Okay kids! Sit your asses down for another edition of the greatest piece of crapola: Moustache Watch '08! Georgie just doesn't stop with the sweating and moustaching, so check out the latest and beware of a soaky, sweaty and what I can only imagine smells like Givenchy or Michael cologne.

Moustache Watch '08 )

Oooh...and I got to watch Pushing Daisies (Frescorts) last night! It was a very funny episode and I loved how Ned was getting to a point of needing Chuck with him at all times! Gawd, they are so cute! And David Arquette as Randy was hilarious and came off very neurotic! Enjoy the episode my friends - it was awesome!

So I was watching The Soup last night (the Oct 17th episode) and was laughing contagiously at Joel's spoof of Britney Spears' "Womanizer". It was drop dead hilarious and must be seen by all!

On a side note, I was a huge fan of Britney growing up and even with all the stuff that's happened in her life, I still have feelings for the girl. Yes. I have feelings for a girl. That being in particular Ms. Britney Spears. She's making a healthy comeback and hey, I'm all for that. I hope she does well but in the meantime, check out Joel's rendition of "Womanizer". It's going to spin-of into another hit single: "Sanitizer" or "Energizer" or "Exerciser" and hopefully, he'll star in the video!!

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14 October 2008 @ 08:16 pm
This time with more hair - MOUSTACHE WATCH '08  
I don't know why I bother... Another pappers shot of Georgie shooting in Puerto Rico, "Men Who Stare At Goats". Treading the latest do from the Anton Chirgurh style book. You know? The dude with the bolt pistol cattle gun in "No Country for Old Men"? Awesome movie, btw.

On the lighter side, he's drinking Diet Coke. Saving on calories. Oh and I believe thre are no actual goats in this movie. Though, I could be wrong. CGI is just one of the many ways in Hollywood.

Oh and look...George and I are making out...
Tonsil hockey below...am I exaggerating? Find out... )

One of these "fine days"..one of these "fine" days indeed. Oh, that was a pun for his movie, "One Fine Day"? No. You get it? No. Michelle can't spell her last name, Catwoman? No? You don't get it? Sigh.
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13 October 2008 @ 12:55 am
Thanksgiving Weekend & Another Edition of Moustache Watch '08  
This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and though my weekend started off pretty rough and not at all what I expected, it took a turn for the better after I woke up this morning. If only life could get better for everyone once we wake up, perhaps we wouldn't be so sad and feel hopeless in certain moments of our days.

My family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional way with turkey and stuffing and whatever else y'all do, but we celebrate with movies and pizza. It was good pizza too. The dude at the pizza place gave us more than one dipping sauce and that's always an awesome thing! I mean, then you don't have to use salad dressing for the crust. But I do love salad dressing with my crust. My crust. That doesn't sound very appealing. Oh and BBQ sauce is great with pizza crust.

I watched "The Last King of Scotland" last night with my sister and it was really good. Watching that film, you can really tell how passionate and devoted Forest Whitaker was playing Iddi Amin. He took a completely different turn as an actor and I think that's an amazing thing! I wish I could achieve something so great while breaking out of my shell. He really deserved that Oscar and I'm a bigger fan now. Also, how cute is James McAvoy? I loved him in "Becoming Jane". Has anyone seen that? I am totally in love with that movie and have seen it now at least, five times. The chemistry between Jane and Tom is incredible and it's because of movies like that, that I am in love with film and still believe in that whole undying love notion between two people. If you haven't seen the film, be sure to see it. It's not cheesy or tardy or anything you imagine - it's beautiful.

Okay, so much to everyone's detest, it's time for another edition of Moustache Watch '08 with George Clooney. See the latest Clooney stache below the cut...if you really care about a shirtless 47-year-old.

Moustache Watch '08 )

What your reaction should be like after seeing the pictures is this:

Okay, so I finished reading, "Not On Our Watch" a while ago which is not only a great read but something to really consider in taking part in, whatever possible way you can. I really vow to make a difference with Darfur and the whole Chad region one of these days when I'm independently financially stable. But another book I just started reading is, "Twilight" and though my manuscript for my first novel is nothing like that plotline, I'm really fascinated with the chemistry between Edward and Bella. How dreamy is Edward in words? I can't wait for the film now!

Earlier tonight, I got some really great news from someone I really love and it was a great response from an email I sent them a while ago. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this person and you will definately hear more about this in the coming weeks.
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08 October 2008 @ 03:00 pm
Cakelulu and Moustache Watch '08  

I just wrapped up my interview with Cakelulu, also known as Jane from MJO and it went really well. She's a very talented woman and I'm really excited for her business venture! I think she's going to be an awesome cake maker and her creations are so very interesting and fun and she's really great at it! I learned a lot from her in the two hours we chatted and I'm now really stoked to write the article! I will let you all know when I'm finished and have submitted it to Newsvine.

While I was chatting with Jane, I kept thinking as we typed back and forth that Ben and I look really good in that profile picture my sister took back in September at the Festival. I mean, real good. The last time I liked a picture that I took with a guy was Jeff (ex-crush who is now married...) at this restaurant he worked at. At times I think he wasn't very kind because he didn't seem to care much about me or my feelings (he said one thing and did another) and well, we didn't work out and I'm actually happy about it now because we're nothing alike. I sort of cringe over the years of me even considering we'd be good together. I could never be with a guy like that. Especially with the company he keeps - his best friend's sister (one of my ex-close friends) is a nosey, insensitive and clingy meanie. Haha, I said meanie. She still stalks one of my really good friends, Matt (my Millhouse) and tries to get him to talk to her. Pssst...they use to date.

Now, I'm still trying to get Taylour's article published in the Greenville Reflector but everytime I call the dumb phone number, their lines are busy. For a small town newspaper, they are really busy! but, I'm going to still try because he deserves much more than he puts into his work. His stuff is really great and you all should check it out here at BlancFrank if you haven't already. He's got some new work up there and as usual, it's pretty awesome!

I watched "Pushing Daisies" last night (love that show!) and I have come to the conclusion, that that show is now one of my all-time favourites! Seriously. It's got great writing. Great characters. Great costumes! I love it all and I love how Ned and Chuck love each other to bits and the whole forced chastity adds a bittersweet chemistry between the two! Also, now that Ned's dad is back in town, I wonder what's going to unravel now...

So, I was made fun of last night by my sister because of a photo of George. You see, my family believes that my love for George Clooney is a giant joke and  it's not true. I really love the guy. Since I was nine years old. Madly. But this photo, that I wanted to take a look at of Georgie with a moustache makes everyone laugh at me. Like, it's bad to have a moustache. Firstly, my dad has one. I can see why it's a con on men I should be enamoured with but then again, Michael Johns had one...and that's a gigantic pro!

Now before you check out the moustached George, remember: it's for a movie (Men Who Stare At Goats, a war film based on British writer Jon Ronson’s satirical novel) and he's a good looking guy no matter what. No. Matter. What!

George Clooney - Magnum Watch '08 )

Yeah, so he looks a little sweaty in that last pic but he's a classy guy. With pulled up socks. That's just afterglow from him...uh...drinking a martini? Sigh. I love him, alright? Who cares if we're twenty four years apart! He's a good guy! Look how much he's done for Darfur and the UN! He's like, my hero!! I admire the dude a hell of a lot!

And for the record, I'm not a crazy creepy George lover. Not like this one girl that Kara pointed out on David Cook Official, lol. Yeah, it's true. Go read her entry here. The girl who claims she's in love with David is really...eccentric in her words.

In my opinion, I don't think you can't be in love with someone you've never met or seen just one side of. In order to be in love with someone, you need to physically, emotionally and mentally dive into that whole realm. See, I love George but I doubt I'm in love with George. You know?

What else? Ah, I'm done.

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26 August 2008 @ 12:54 am
The Mash Game - my future husband is...(*drumroll please*)  
I came across this site called "E-Spin" and do you guys remember that game MASH growing up? Well, now it's become an online game and I decided to play it for fun. I put up my three favourite guys (David Cook, Jared Padalecki and George Clooney) and ended up getting married to David Cook! Though it was shocking, I thought George. Since I was like, nine...so...

I ain't complaining though! David Cook is an awesome guy and he's too sweet for words. Six kids huh? David and I will be getting pretty biz-say after the honeymoon - bow chica bow bow! LOL...

Behold... My Future
 I will marry David Cook. 
 After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in San Antonio in our fabulous Apartment. 
 We will have 6 kid(s) together. 
 Our family will zoom around in a Purple Hybrid.
 I will spend my days as a Activist, and live happily ever after. 
whats your future

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