13 March 2012 @ 11:50 am
Newsvine: The Two Skillful Brothers Scott: TV's 'Property Brothers' Finding & Building Dream Homes  
Good character is not given to us nor is it handed down. Like building a home, it must be carefully developed piece by piece, creatively through thought, choice, courage and determination. In some cases, it could very well be praised more so than talent and with that inner drive, one can go much further.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, 33 are not just the hosts of the popular real estate and home renovation show, Property Brothers on the W Network and HGTV but they are also twin brothers with a tremendous amount of passion and heart. Recently nominated for the prestigious Rose d’Or award in the lifestyle show category, the brothers are fast becoming TV’s newest sweethearts.

The show follows Drew, the licensed real estate agent and Jonathan, the licensed contractor to find fixer-uppers for homebuyers to turn into beautiful homes without busting their budget but undergoing a major transformation just enough to make it beautiful yet practical. Together they help out families while maintaining a strong heart throughout the process. It’s not easy but the two make it as comfortable for their clients as possible.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the charming brothers one evening last week while they took a break from filming multiple episodes of their show down in Austin, Texas. 
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20 December 2010 @ 06:22 pm
newsvine - the art of acting with rebecca kopec  

This interview has been in the works for quite some time and I'm really glad Becca ([livejournal.com profile] superbacca) and I got down to it and did it. Do check it out! I think she's just amazing and so sweet; definitely a face you will be seeing more of in the future!

The Art of Acting with Rebecca Kopec

What is an actor? It’s a simple definition and very easily, one you can find in the dictionary but there’s a history behind it. It isn’t just a word to an actor. It’s an art form, rather a way of perceiving and articulating words found on paper to liberate the delicate emotions made up of raw passion and a brazen honesty within themselves. And all in order to make up for good storytelling.

One actor in particular with a great passion for the art of acting is, Rebecca Kopec. Hailing from a small family in New York, has a grounded attitude and a solid head on her shoulders. She’s a bubbly, no-nonsense, quick talking young woman and in the time we spoke, it’s evident that she’s a firm believer of working hard and waiting for her spotlight.

This month, Kopec can be seen in the cabaret production of My Story directed by Andrew Overcash, with all proceeds from the show going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She’s amongst five other talented actors who are working hard to bring this production to life.

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17 December 2010 @ 12:28 am
newsvine - Andrew Overcash: Paying it forward with "My Story"  

I came upon Andrew Overcash through a good friend of mine. I was originally going to interview just Rebecca aka [livejournal.com profile] superbacca for her cabaret show, "My Story" but I decided to get some quotes from her director, Andrew. In addition to getting a quote from him, I wanted to dive further into the show that he so passionately put together and learn about his creativity process and his background. His story struck a chord with me and I figured, I need to write two pieces so nothing is taken away from the other. Last week if you had asked me, what I have planned this week in writing? I would never have guessed I'd write two pieces.

I will say that Andrew is one solid guy. He's very sweet and has a big heart and I hope if anyone is in the Manhattan area on December 22, to definitely check out "My Story".

In the meantime, check out "My Article"! Heh! :)

See what I did there folks? Hahahahauhhhh. :\

PS: I'm really proud of this article. I can't believe how great it turned out in such a short amount of time. Didn't think I had it in me! :)

Andrew Overcash - Paying it forward with "My Story"

There are very few directors in the industry who realize their true motives to direct and envision. Directing is an art that needs to feed from a feeling and articulate a particular emotion filled with passion and a desire; a compassion for the canvas of life. Andrew Overcash is one of those directors who understands the need to deliver and give back.

Overcash put his current show together for one reason: his brother.

“My brother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in eighth grade and after a four year battle with ups and downs, he did pass. During that time, St. Jude did so much for my family and my brother and even after his passing, they continued to stay in contact with us and be true blessings. My brother, even after finding out he was going to pass, always cared for others and never made anyone feel sorry for him so, from his constant caring for others and the amazing love my family received from St. Jude, I decided it was time to give back,” he says.

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My second piece, which is on Rebecca will be out in a few days!

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23 November 2010 @ 04:44 pm
newsvine - stacey vuduris: designing woman  
This was an interesting and fun article to write! Also, it was something out of my comfort zone as I've never written about interior designing (I have no clue of that whole dimension) and the whole home decor angle; it was good to try something new and at the same time, get to know a really lovely and warm woman who has such a great raw passion for her work. It is inspiring and she's just such a delight to talk to. She's very fun, down to earth and a great sense of humour. I present to you, my latest article:

Stacey Vuduris: Designing Woman

Creativity isn’t just about creating but is rather the art of articulating a concept where your imagination peaks over the edge of an idea. Stacey Vuduris’ creativity sparks from self-trust. The key to designing and being bold in your work is to trust your instincts. Her instincts are sharp and inspiring and create way for a new path on the road to interior designing.

Stacey Vuduris is the mastermind behind Stacey Vuduris Interior Design, a company that from its inception in 2006 has brought forth confident and daring plans for those interested in designing or refurbishing their homes.

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14 October 2008 @ 07:18 pm
Such A Perfect Day...  

So today has been a pretty radical day. Considering no one uses the word radical anymore it makes me feel a little ancient but it's okay. Nonetheless, all is well.

Remember when I said I had mentioned in a previous post that I had some "really great news from someone I really love and it was a great response from an email I sent them a while ago"...Well. I'm going to reveal who I got that message from and what exactly was the news.

So, as you all know I am a writer and have been writing to get my name out there before I get my first manuscript published and there have been times when I'm not only doubted myself and my writing but my future. The fact that this person who I hold in much respect would give me the chance to interview them for an article I'd be writing on my Newsvine column is priceless. There are no words to express that feeling. I'm going to be honest with you all as I've come to terms with realizing that it's easier to talk to strangers and like them than the actual people in my life. There is no history. No preconceived notions. Nothing. I like it that way. I'm not judged for what decision I made once and then decided to fall back upon it. I dropped out school at 19 and decided I didn't want to be what I was studying. I was rushed right after highschool to get into university and decide at the age of 18, what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. What I planned to do with the rest of my life and if I can't figure out what shirt to wear in the morning, seriously - how can I decide something so important for the rest of my life?

I emailed Syesha Mercado a while ago via her Facebook and received a response a few days ago. She said I could interview her if I'd  like. All I had to do was message her, so I did! I'm really excited and so very humbled by the whole thing. It's amazing! There was always a point in my life when I said, "I'm going the Peter Jennings way" - the dude dropped out of highschool and was such an inspiration to me. It made me believe you can achieve more than a piece of paper that has your name and degree on it. It's just the way you envision it. You always have to have faith in yourself and even though I'm interviewing Syesha just once, the fact that I get to really speaks to me. This opportunity makes me feel like a great writer emerging into the real world and I'm very grateful to her along with the other subjects I have interviewed (Taylour Beadling and Jane Knoll/Cakelulu - coming soon!). It means a lot that people have faith in you and I will forever be humbled and grateful for all of this.

Another cool thing - Syesha posted a blog that just really made me happy and excited as she quoted a part in my message as her thoughts at the end of the entry . To not sound pretentious in any way, but it certainly is a boost to my confidence and makes me feel proud of myself and the effort and determination I put into my work. It really validated confidence in me, that I am a good writer and I can make it. I will make it and will not at all, lose my head. Ever. I'm going to get to where I want to be but in the meantime, I just gotta stop being way too hard on myself.

She's such a beautiful person and I wish her much success. Check out her blog post, Making Decisions.

Also, I got an email from David Cook Official and it's here folks, the official album details and cover art. 

Musical Cookies... )

Does anyone remember when Andy's status on Facebook said, "Andy is Bar-ba-sol"? It makes sense now. Some sense.

By the way, special thanks to Elizabeth ([info]vintagevixen) for believing in me and the words of encouragement. You're a sweetie! :)

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08 October 2008 @ 03:00 pm
Cakelulu and Moustache Watch '08  

I just wrapped up my interview with Cakelulu, also known as Jane from MJO and it went really well. She's a very talented woman and I'm really excited for her business venture! I think she's going to be an awesome cake maker and her creations are so very interesting and fun and she's really great at it! I learned a lot from her in the two hours we chatted and I'm now really stoked to write the article! I will let you all know when I'm finished and have submitted it to Newsvine.

While I was chatting with Jane, I kept thinking as we typed back and forth that Ben and I look really good in that profile picture my sister took back in September at the Festival. I mean, real good. The last time I liked a picture that I took with a guy was Jeff (ex-crush who is now married...) at this restaurant he worked at. At times I think he wasn't very kind because he didn't seem to care much about me or my feelings (he said one thing and did another) and well, we didn't work out and I'm actually happy about it now because we're nothing alike. I sort of cringe over the years of me even considering we'd be good together. I could never be with a guy like that. Especially with the company he keeps - his best friend's sister (one of my ex-close friends) is a nosey, insensitive and clingy meanie. Haha, I said meanie. She still stalks one of my really good friends, Matt (my Millhouse) and tries to get him to talk to her. Pssst...they use to date.

Now, I'm still trying to get Taylour's article published in the Greenville Reflector but everytime I call the dumb phone number, their lines are busy. For a small town newspaper, they are really busy! but, I'm going to still try because he deserves much more than he puts into his work. His stuff is really great and you all should check it out here at BlancFrank if you haven't already. He's got some new work up there and as usual, it's pretty awesome!

I watched "Pushing Daisies" last night (love that show!) and I have come to the conclusion, that that show is now one of my all-time favourites! Seriously. It's got great writing. Great characters. Great costumes! I love it all and I love how Ned and Chuck love each other to bits and the whole forced chastity adds a bittersweet chemistry between the two! Also, now that Ned's dad is back in town, I wonder what's going to unravel now...

So, I was made fun of last night by my sister because of a photo of George. You see, my family believes that my love for George Clooney is a giant joke and  it's not true. I really love the guy. Since I was nine years old. Madly. But this photo, that I wanted to take a look at of Georgie with a moustache makes everyone laugh at me. Like, it's bad to have a moustache. Firstly, my dad has one. I can see why it's a con on men I should be enamoured with but then again, Michael Johns had one...and that's a gigantic pro!

Now before you check out the moustached George, remember: it's for a movie (Men Who Stare At Goats, a war film based on British writer Jon Ronson’s satirical novel) and he's a good looking guy no matter what. No. Matter. What!

George Clooney - Magnum Watch '08 )

Yeah, so he looks a little sweaty in that last pic but he's a classy guy. With pulled up socks. That's just afterglow from him...uh...drinking a martini? Sigh. I love him, alright? Who cares if we're twenty four years apart! He's a good guy! Look how much he's done for Darfur and the UN! He's like, my hero!! I admire the dude a hell of a lot!

And for the record, I'm not a crazy creepy George lover. Not like this one girl that Kara pointed out on David Cook Official, lol. Yeah, it's true. Go read her entry here. The girl who claims she's in love with David is really...eccentric in her words.

In my opinion, I don't think you can't be in love with someone you've never met or seen just one side of. In order to be in love with someone, you need to physically, emotionally and mentally dive into that whole realm. See, I love George but I doubt I'm in love with George. You know?

What else? Ah, I'm done.

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